Your turn:  Want to build a musical bridge?

Recipe for “Hello, Leo

What about your Leo?

Concerned citizens have informed me of two significant oversights in the posting of the song “Hello, Leo.”

First, I failed to share the history of the idea.  Like many good things in my life, it came through my children.  And it came to them from Leo‘s other grandparents, who are also missionaries and have worked in four very challenging overseas locations.  And they in turn got it from yet other missionaries, who in olden times built the musical bridge.  This last couple may have received the idea from Stevie Wonder.

Second, I presented the thumbnail song itself with its Tweet-sized intro, but I
failed to add that lovely gift of the blogosphere:  empowerment to try this in your own kitchen.  Or canoe.

So here it is, America.  The recipe for “Hello, Leo

  •  Identify your Distant Beloved Object. It would normally be someone from whom you are separated more than you’d like. (In our case, it was a transoceanic grandson named Leo.)
  • Find a song that fits your relationship with the DBO. If you’re in West Virginia, it could be the chorus of “Country Road, Take Me Home.”  If you’re in Beverly HIlls, maybe the theme song from Beverly Hillbillies. Or you could write one. (We went ahead and wrote one.)
  • If you have time before you leave, sing it to the DBO face to face, to help lodge it in his mind and heart.
  • Sing your song every time you skype the DBO. Make it a signature song for your relationship.
  • Pray that the DBO will come to recognize and like the Song. (It has been reported that Leo showed some pleasure when the newly-posted song was played for him.)
  • Sing it when you first see the DBO in the airport. This will help him understand that you are the same people from the skype calls.
  • Top with whipped cream or fresh fruit in season.



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