The “Hello, Leo” Song

Dear Friend,

Having been royally spoiled, spending most of four months just seven minutes away from our bright-eyed grandson, we then got on a jet plane and flew to the exact opposite side of the planet.

One of the ways our heavenly Father helps us stay in touch is by songs.  We sometimes forget that at one time all 150 of the Psalms were sung.  The good Shepherd entrusted Psalm 23 to his people with the thought, “This will remind you who I am.”

Grace and I have tried to imitate that musical bridge.

Please enjoy the song “Hello, Leo.”  Obviously, in a full-fledged professional video not made in our toasty hobbit-hole in Cainta, Rizal, Grace and I would sing the song while zipping up our bright red cardigan sweaters.[1]

Yours in Christ,


[1] This is a reference to a long-running TV show that launched in 1963.  Triple credit to people under 25 who can name it.


6 thoughts on “The “Hello, Leo” Song

  1. Ah, yes, “it’s a beautiful day in the neighbourhood!” Loved your song to Leo, it is precious. Prayers for safety, good health, fruitfulness and blessings galore.
    Carol Y. CHBC of NC


    1. Greetings, Carol. Didn’t Fred McFeely Rogers (Misteroger) study for the pastorate? Thank you so much for prayers for our health– that’s right on target at the moment. KM


  2. How precious! You two singing and Leo reading the Going to Bed Book. We are all so fortunate these days to be able to keep in touch this way! And, yes, I read a long time ago that Fred Rogers was a Presbyterian pastor. Just happens to be the denomination in which I grew up. Both my children grew up in Mr. Roger’s Neighborhood.

    God bless you! You are often in my prayers. ME


    1. And wasn’t Charles Schultz, creator of Peanuts, also trained for the pastorate? That might explain the depth of Peanuts at its best.

      Thanks for the encouragement, Molly.



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