A Pill for Narcissism


If you have any experience in the grandparenting game, you won’t be surprised to learn that many comments on the subject from the initiated sound like this:  “Oh, it’s the best stage of life.”  Occasionally, the speaker elaborates with reasons and illustrations.

Well, I would like to add a new item to the list of the benefits of grandparenting.

Grandparenting partially cures self-absorption.

Let me explain.  Imagine that you are seeing, for the first time, a group photo that includes you.  What face do you look at first?

Your own?  If so, you may congratulate yourself that you are thoroughly normal.

However, once that little man or little woman comes into your life, your response to group photos is changed forever.  The grandchild’s face becomes a magnet with a power like being in love.  After a moment of adoring contemplation, or after chuckling right out loud, only then will your gaze shift to that other guy, who has been dethroned like a former boyfriend:  namely, you.




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